September 18, 2007

Les Savy Fav Frontman Tim Harrington Drives A Bugaboo!

From the silly- and hairy-as-it-sounds Village Voice photo series, "The Back Tattoos of McCarren Pool Park": Don't know why Maclaren Guy's hiding; after all, he's the responsible one with the baby headphones. Must be the drummer, Harrison Haynes. On a...
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Hushamok: A Soloflex For New Parents

Claims of revolutionary functionality. Beautifully designed, A bit expensive but it feels worth it when you pull the trigger. And you'll be hanging your laundry off of it in six months. Yes, the Hushamok is the sleekest new entrant in...
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Jojo The Robot In The Nursery

At what point do we stop thinking it's cute, all the robots in the nurseries, and we start worrying about The Matrix and The Rise Of The Machines? Eh, not yet! Just look at how cute this giant robot...
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Creative Playthings Slow Truck Perfect For Your Little Tank Girl

British toy designer Patrick Rylands created the Slow Truck in 1972. It was made for Creative Playthings by the German company Schuco. There was also a Slow Bus, which looks more like a bright red Slow Winnebago. Both toys...
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"Cuz That's The Z Of The Game": Richard Pryor's ABC's

Richard Pryor improv'ing the ABC's on Sesame Street is brought to you by the letter P and the number 1, P as in prudes, and 1 as in the number of PBS Sprout hosts they've booted so far for...
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Macrametastic Patchwork Wall From 1975

Heath and the BLT Boys are scanning in pages from the 1975 magnum opus, The Complete Encyclopedia of Crafts. It's 24 full-color volumes of fantastic craft projects your parents never got around to finishing for you. This wall of...
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Robots In The Nursery

Artist/illustrator Patrick Lau started with a painting of a robot for his kid's nursery, which began, as his wife Maya put it, "to slightly have a theme." He added giant gears to the walls, and there's a shelf full...
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