September 17, 2007

The Icansit High Chair Puts The Swarovski Crystals On Its Skin.

From the folks who brought you Mountain Buggy:
Hundreds of glittering Swarovski crystals bring a sparkle of light and colour to a special edition of icansit children's chairs. A supplementary silver seat base completes the classy looks of an eye-catching child's chair that will turn heads in every living room and restaurant.
Keywords: classy, high chair-in-living-room.

One Tree Hill icansit High Chair [, image: k+j]


Ummmm... 3 words... "tacky, Stokke, knockoff"

Well, I guess covering a high chair with lead crystal is one way to ensure another generation of really stupid consumers.

Just imagine cleaning dried tomato sauce from the surface and settings of all those crystals. I guess I'd have the servants do it.

Is it just me or does that chair look like Darth Vader (with a stormtrooper looming nearby)?

They made a spelling mistake in this case it is Klassy. It really looks like they stole their grandmother's walker and attached it to the bottom of on oversized egg crate box. Horrible and I suppose "classy" makes it expensive too?

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