September 17, 2007

Lunetta Crib-In-A-Tube By Kotura


The third question you'd have upon seeing Kotura Design's Lunetta convertible crib/toddler bed at K+J would be, "But does the side raise up?" [#2 is "Is that kid in the union? Because the Koelnmesse is a union venue." #1 is, of course, "Wha wha WHA???"]

I can't help you with Nos. 1 or 2, but a quick look at Kotura's website shows the answer to #3 is a resounding "YES."


Other questions:
"Have the Koturans ever studied the tanker truck beds of Lo-Tek?"
"What about the giant paper tube bunk beds of H.U.D.D.L.E.?"
"Does it ship flat?"
"Can I get that 19% VAT refunded?"

and the biggie: "Do they have drivethru banking in Germany?"

Lunetta Kinderbett by Kotura Designs, EUR840, standard 140x70cm mattress included []


That is all kinds of awesome.

Well, all kinds except "really cheap".

And I'm a little disappointed that the two sides are disconnected rather than being one continuous piece with a movable opening.

We're a little closer to my Duck Dodgers-inspired dream of travel by vacuum tubes. If they sealed this up, you'd be able to send your kid anywhere that way.

It'd be great for divorced parents.

wow, that's a sweet design! We don't "do" cribs but that's one I'd have in a heartbeat, if it was anywhere in our budget. Well, and I'd rather it not have the primary colors on it, just a nice wood finish for me, thanks.

BTW, two blogs with some ABC Expo coverage are Spilling the Beans and Goore's. I know that's old news now but they do have some sweet pics you may be interested in.

Man, what an great solution to the move from a crib to a big bed. Maybe it makes sense financially if you count it as a crib and a bed?

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