September 17, 2007

This Rosle Can Opener Is The Most Incredible Can Opener In The World.

The headline really says it all: I open like two cans a year, and so every time is like an all-new revelation of how easy, safe, comfortable, and good-looking this paradigm-changing can opener is. Rosle Can Opener, $35 []...
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Baby, Remember My Name: The Roddler By Kid Kustoms

I've been surfing the coverage of ABC Kids Expo from the likes of Baby Chic 101 and Babble, and so far, the biggest news seems to be the glitzy debut of The Roddler, Kid Kustoms' pimp-sweet stroller with the...
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Hipposmile Highchair: Ballsout Sinocanadian Stokkeknockoff!

one of these things [L] is a freakin' lot like the other [R] Unbelievable. Peter Opsvik's 1972 design for the Stokke Tripp Trapp has definitely inspired its share of adjustable, modern-style wood high chairs, but the Hipposmile Happy Hippo...
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Lunetta Crib-In-A-Tube By Kotura

The third question you'd have upon seeing Kotura Design's Lunetta convertible crib/toddler bed at K+J would be, "But does the side raise up?" [#2 is "Is that kid in the union? Because the Koelnmesse is a union venue." #1...
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"The Mittens Stay On The Handle": Found PR Poetry At Kind+Jugend

I'm sorry, but I can't stop laughing out loud at the inadvertent poetry of the 51-page [PDF] Kind+Jugend News & Innovations roundup. [Seriously, it was driving my wife crazy.] It's a perfect storm of PR hype, application packet formalism,...
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The Icansit High Chair Puts The Swarovski Crystals On Its Skin.

From the folks who brought you Mountain Buggy:Hundreds of glittering Swarovski crystals bring a sparkle of light and colour to a special edition of icansit children's chairs. A supplementary silver seat base completes the classy looks of an eye-catching child's...
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