September 14, 2007

A Children's Workshop For [Children] Making Toys


I don't know what we'd do with all the leftover product liability lawyers, but if putting kids to work building their own toys is good for disabled kids in developing countries, why not do it here, too? Solve the whole China/lead/consumerism/obesity/video game crap in one shot? Plus, they'd learn a skill.

As the children or disabled workers become more skillful at making toys, some can be sold to help bring in money to the workers or program. Some of the toys and dolls made at PROJIMO are sold to visitors. In Jamaica, disabled young people run an economically successful factory, making wooden toys. Toys made at the Life Help Center for the Handicapped, Madras, India, are sold world-wide.

PROJIMO has an agreement with the children. The first toy they make is for the rehabilitation center or for a particular disabled child. The second toy they make they can take home for a younger brother or sister. In this way PROJIMO and the school children also contribute to the development of non-disabled children in the village.

Just don't let them use apricot pits for the hedgehogs. I seem to remember an episode of Emergency! where the kid had been sucking on apricot pits, which were poisonous or something. Gourds are probably fine, though.

Also, anyone tried giving up diapers for the plug method?


CHAPTER 49: A Children's Workshop for Making Toys
Disabled Village Children: A guide for community health workers, rehabilitation workers, and families, by David Werner, published by The Hesperian Foundation, 1986. [ via nastynets again]

Another interesting chapter: Chapter 46: Playgrounds for All


It was the nut inside of a peach I think, if you crack open the pit the inside looks like an edible nut but is really highly poisonous. At least thats the way I remember that episode ;) Thanks for mentioning Emergency! I loved that show but can't find any place to watch it, except 1 episode on youtube. Squad 51 KMG365 out!

Im doing a project on special ed kids for school(7th grade) and i need some pics. Do you think u can upload some?

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