September 13, 2007

ABC The Pink Bugaboo Bee. Be. The Pink Bugaboo Bee.

We had a plumbing catastrophe the day I was supposed to leave for Las Vegas, and so my weekend was spent making sure it didn't turn into an art, book, bookcase, and carpet catastrophe, too. I've been getting some reports and sightings from the ABC Kids Expo, which will start turning up here [got any buzz? send'em on in!]

Anyway, I know if you're like me, you've been asking yourself, "Great rig, but when are they gonna come out with a pink canopy?" Asked and answered, my friends: right quick.

But of course, if you're like most pregnant people, you're wondering when they're gonna come out with the damn car seat adapters. And I'm afraid the answer there is the same as it was at Babystyle: not quick enough.

[thanks DT reader/Bugaboo marketing honcha Julie]

1 Comment

Damn... eye cancer...

[lol, I'd like the canopies to be a little tighter. -ed.]

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