September 12, 2007

Of COURSE It's Not Coming To The US; It's A Sweet Diesel Accord Wagon, Duh


The torture that is the Frankfurt Auto Show is upon us, and Jalopnik's got a whole slew of sweet station wagon-shaped bamboo skewers to jam under our American fingernails.

Here's a Honda Accord Touring Concept named to remind Americans that sorry, in our market, Accord wagons are just a concept. here's the Jalopnik gallery and mention of the Euronly i-dtec turbodiesel. sigh.

Previously: Magnifique! Le Nouvelle Honda Accord Wagon

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Wagons are starting to regain popularity in the US now that gas prices have risen and SUV sales have declined. As more people here buy wagons, the business case for importing more of them will surely get more attractive. So if we all did our part and bought more of the Audi and BMW wagons that ARE already for sale in this country, maybe we'll actually get an RS6 Avant or an M5 Touring out here (or this Accord, if your thing is nose-heavy, front wheel drive cars... bleh).

By the way, Greg, it's "LA nouvelle..."

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