September 10, 2007

Wait, Say Again? What To Get Lil Derrick For His 4th Birthday?


1) Scarface: Widescreen 20th Anniversary Edition DVD, which was issued in 2003, the year he was born.
2) Dead hookers & blow
3) A toy gun with a whistle in the barrel.


4) An appointment for Big Derrick to sit down with a counsellor at Social Services.

Starting Them Young: The GTA San Andreas Cake [kotaku]
Toy gun encourages kids to stick barrel in mouth [boingboing via notatinklefan's flickr stream]


5) Manana Banana

[would definitely make the party. -ed.]

a quick glance at the pic without reading the text led me to think that the item in question was a toy breathalyzer... i don't know if that's better or worse.


You really ought to amend that editorial comment about Manana Banana. I think what you meant to say is:

"He'd be a *big hit* at the party"


[let me fire up my editing software -ed.]

You forgot the accompanying news story: After eating the cake, Lil' Derrick hijacked his grandma's car and ran over the party clown. I can't believe I missed this earlier.

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