September 7, 2007

Great Expectations: That Space Shuttle Tableware Set


Sometimes the key to being happy about your online purchases is to have ridiculously low expectations to begin with. I kind of figured that Space Shuttle-shaped meal set would be a piece of junk in person, and when saw it in the NASA HQ gift shop, I was right. Still, we bought it; I knew the price, $14.75, was cheaper than anywhere I'd seen it online.

The only identifying information on the box is for ye random Taiwanese exporter. The lid/fruit tray and the tail piece don't really snap in too tight. The compartments end in right corners, which would be a pain to wash by hand. The cup lid is not watertight in the least, and yes, that brokeass juicebox straw is actually included as The Straw.

But you know what, big deal. It's kind of cute, the kid likes it. And presumably it's not made with lead paint, so there's no harm. If you spend more than $20 on it, though, you're a total chump.

You know what actually looked much better in person, though it lacked the novelty factor, was this Space Mission set of melamine dishes from My Little Dishes. Twelve bucks.


Originally: DT Retail Scoutabout: Bugaboos And Space Shuttles Edition

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