September 7, 2007

Awesome: Day Of The Dead Dishes Set


Here it is, barely after Labor Day, and already, we're talking about El Dia de los Muertos. Skulls hanging from the grocery store ceiling, doily things draped across the food court at the mall. It's not until November, people!

So yes, I feel guilty for contributing to the over-commercialization of this sacred, somber holiday. But what can I do? These My Little Dishes arejustsocute!! They make me want to sleep in a cemetery every night. Though it looks like the spoon and fork got lost on the way from concept to store shelf.

My Little Dishes by Pigment & Hues Dia de los Muertos set, $14.95 []


Wow, we need to order those, like, yesterday. There's a mexican sugar skull kit in our pantry that hasn't been used yet. Here's the perfect compliment. Too cool.

Glad I stumbled across this. These are great! I love Dia de los Muertos stuff!

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