September 6, 2007

Great Expectations: The Passchal Rubber Dad Bag

So I've been hearing good feedback from people about the Cinderella follow-up post. [Actually, most were bummed because they wanted the book to be better, but still.]

We're so used to buying some things online, but when you start getting into baby- and kid-related stuff, it's hard to know what to expect. DT reader Eric sent along this example where the experience far outstrips the expectations he had:

I just wanted to relate an amazing experience I just had with a company (and product) that you profiled last year.


My wife bought me this [Passchal Dad Baby Case] for my birthday last year. I love it. However, from time to time the strap would inexplicably come loose from the top of the bag while I was carrying it. Whatever, it was a minor annoyance, so I dealt with it.

The other day, Passchal sent me an email out of the blue, mentioning they were replacing straps based on complaints about this issue, and offering all those affected 50% OFF ALL FUTURE PURCHASES. Pretty awesome, eh?

Then, to top it all off, in my followup request for replacement straps, I mentioned another insignificant quirk with the magnetic enclosures, and within an hour (this was late last night, mind you), the co-founder of the company wrote me back to say that they've just implemented a slight design improvement that deals with the enclosures among other things, and they're going to make and send me a new. freaking. bag.

To sum up: great product, sustainable design, great customer service, and ridiculous level of response to their customers.

Half price diaper bags FOR LIFE? You heard it here first, folks [and it was still a day too late for you, sorry.] But even so, sustainably produced, reasonably priced gear, lifetime guarantee, AND works late? Even I didn't expect that one.

Previously: TGI Not Freitag: Passchal Dad Bag Made From Recycled Tires


Hearing stories about other people's amazing customer service experiences, to me, are like fairy tales. Sort of like when I hear people tell me they found an original vintage Saarinen Egg chair for $20 at a church yard sale, or they pulled up the carpet in their house and discovered pristine terrazzo...

It seems so rare these days when things actually go more or less as you'd hoped, and you don't have to get on the phone and fix an order that went wrong or something.

Anyway, enough ranting. Kudos to Passchal for going above and beyond, and I'll definitely go out of my way to support them.

[yes, for all your rubber bag needs. -ed.]

Shoot, if I hadn't just traded a couple of cases of beer for that Crumpler, I'd be looking at this thing.

FWIW, the ubiquitous Timbuk2 bags are well-built and well-thought-out as well. Every year or two, I shoot them an e-mail asking them to start making them in leather, but no dice thus far. Leather is sustainable, right?

I bought one of these, too, and while I haven't had the strap problem, I did get the email. I replied that I hadn't had any problem, and Ken wrote back within the hour to thank me for my business (I also have their Tech Brief, which is also excellent).

Truly a breath of fresh air, is Passchal.

Very cool. Now if anyone wants to use their 50% off to buy me the gorgeous Passchal Up Town handbag, I've been eyeing it...

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