September 6, 2007

Auto-bohnheads: Audi RS6 Avant Vids


So the new Audi RS6 Avant is not coming to the US. But then, neither are the giggly station wagon racing dorks and their little video cameras.

The sound you just heard is a thousand BMW M5 drivers sighing in relief.

Audi RS6 Avant 500 hp doing 300 kmh on the Autobahn ['s youtube channel via jjdaddyo]

1 Comment

I love that video.
First they whip past a BMW M3.
Then the guy pans down to the speedo showing the needle is practically pegged at 300kph. That's 186 mph people! (Jiminy! as Sen. Clark would say)
Then the camera pans up to show the landscape whizzing by like when The Enterprise goes to warp speed.
Then they pan to the rear view mirror showing some guy keeping up with them!
I know, I know, you big city types will say "This happens to me all the time on the NJ Turnpike..."

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