September 5, 2007

We Are Two Wild And Crazy Wagons! Audi RS6 Avant And AMG C63 Debut At Frankfurt



Hello, American Foxes! May we impress you with our bulges?

If you mean your bulges "derived from the 'Ur-quattro'" I wanted so bad in high school, then, yes. Sorry, Mercedes. But we can still be friends.

pics and press releases at Jalopnik:
Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Estate - Official for Frankfurt
Audi RS6 Avant - Official for Frankfurt


Bulges on an Audi? Walter da Silva is really really going wild since the A5.

Anyway, just another example of a car we won't be able to buy here in the States.

Very nice, but "performance" cars without manual transmissions? It's like a Bugaboo with small, non-air-filled tires. Might as well buy a Honda Odyssey.

I'm with you in that I'd much rather just have a good, old-fashioned manual transmission and still think that everyone should know how to 'heel-and-toe' before we give them a driver's license.

That said, performance cars increasingly have automatic transmissions of some form or other. Audi's dual-clutch automatic (DSG) is a brilliant piece of technology, shifting quicker than any human could on a manual, and it even blips the throttle for you on downshifts.

I believe Ferrari sells more automatics than manuals these days, and Formula 1 cars all have paddle shifters, remember...

That Audi is crazy... looks like you could twist it a couple times and it would turn into a giant robot. I like both of the vehicles just out of general principle though...

No thanks. I'm too green to want one of these any more. Drop 1,000 pounds, add a manual transmission, drop to a 2-liter turbo engine, keep the sports suspension. Then I'll want it. And I might be able to afford it, too. :D

I would have to go with the C63. Just love a wagon with supercar power.

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