September 4, 2007

Uniform Studio: Cool, Simple Clothes For Your Little Star Trek Extra


Martha McQuade is an architect by training, but she's been running Uniform Studio, a one-person clothing design and fabrication outfit in Minneapolis, for at least a year [that's how far back her inspiration/production blog goes, anyway.]

Uniform Studio designs are really, refreshingly simple; the colors are mostly neutrals and earth tones, in very thoughtful fabrics. They're like a rare breath of easy sophistication in a usually too-cutesy, too-fussy kid clothing world.

Surfing through the sold archive on Uniform Studio's etsy shop, or through the flickr stream of upcoming collections, the uniformity could make one suspicious. If everyone in the neighborhood or the daycare center had this stuff, it'd look like that episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation where they beam down to one of those planets without any plaids or fold-down collars.

But since there's not a single piece of clothing for sale at the moment, and fans from across the country and Japan and beyond seem to hover, waiting to buy what few pieces emerge from the handiworkshop, I would expect that running into another kid with the same Uniform Studio outfit as yours will not be an issue. Check the blog for availability, and engage.

Uniform Studio Journal [ via 2or3things]
Uniform-Studio etsy shop and flickr stream [etsy, flickr]
yes, that's a Uniform Studio dress on the cover of Small Magazine []

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So many kids' collections seem to be about color rather than texture. This stuff is a nice counterpoint to that.

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