September 2, 2007

The Japanese Tradition - Sushi: Hilarious Deadpan Videos By Rahmenz

OK, it's more than a bit random, but Japan Culture Lab has put out a series of really funny, deadpan instructional videos called "Nihon no Katachi/The Japanese Tradition," starring the comedy duo Rahmenz.

Some aren't subtitled, so unless you know Japanese, a lot of the humor will be lost. But you can still appreciate the amusement of ridiculously particular angles for holding chopsticks. This one, "Sushi," is not only subtitled, the absurdity is plenty accessible to any sushi regular. [If none of this makes any sense, Momus's analysis may or may not clear things up.

Why post it here? Rahmenz provides the voices for the awesome NHK video series, "10-stick anime". The Japanese Tradition isn't quite so kid-oriented, but it's pretty damn funny.

[youtube via momus]
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