August 31, 2007

Decide Your Own Lead Levels By Making Your Kid's Toys Yourself!

If you're sick of waiting for months--or even years--for a recall to find out just how much lead is in your kid's Made In China toys, have I got the blogpost for you! Craftzine has rounded up a giant list...
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Mercedes C-Class Estate, Two Words: "High-Class," "Homely"

When the gaffer's tape came off the new Mercedes C-Class Estate in advance of the Frankfurt Auto Show, the fellas over at Jalopnik just about had a wagongasm. I remain unconvinced. Though it does look better than I expected,...
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Hey You Girrrrrrrrrlllllls!

Andy bought this dvd on Amazon. Another reason to hate "Parenting" magazine [storkbitesman]...
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Look! Shiny New Object! High Chair Alfons From Sirch

If you haven't heard about Sirch's Henry high chair, the German-born, molded birch ply Ode To Cheerio-Eating Joy, it's probably because you're not reading Naomi's blog enough. She picked up on it even without attending ICFF, while legions of...
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Bush Administration Sides With Big Formula On Breastfeeding

I've gotta get the kid out the door for pre-preschool [it started yesterday!], so I haven't even had a chance to read this story on the front page of the Washington Post yet, much less think of an outraged, pretend-surprised...
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