August 30, 2007

Cars You Couldn't Have But Soon You Can, Vol. I: Honda Stream Coming To The US


Well I'll be darned. The small, 7-seat people mover, the Honda Stream, was one of the many great-looking, extremely efficient, and all-around awesome, Japan-only family cars that taunted me with their unavailability. Meanwhile, the US had the Mazda5, the, uh, Mazda5 in red... That's about it.


For now. Winding Road is reporting that Honda will bring the Stream to the US in 2009. The Stream is based on a Civic and CR-V platform and shares some stylistic cues with the new CR-V [but don't hold that against it].

The US version will apparently only have two rows of seats, not three. Also, engine and AWD options have not been announced. If I'm not too busy driving my 2009 Nissan Cube around the block, I will definitely keep an eye on this one.

Japan Report: Honda Stream Headed To U.S. In 2009 [ via jj daddy-o]
Can't wait? Here's the Honda Stream Japanese site []
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Don't forget the Kia Rondo. It's fairly comparable to the Mazda5 and is available in the US now.

Two rows instead of three? Kinda misses the point a bit then, doesn't it? Is that because they assume super-sized Americans can't fit if configured for three rows? The Mazda5 is a tight squeeze, but it's doable for six men in suits with luggage (I can personally attest to this, being one of those six men in a suit - and I'm 6'5"). How is this then any different from a Pontiac Vibe/Toyota Matrix?

[i have to agree. the US market's stuffed with 5-seaters of all sizes; 7-seaters only come in lame and/or XL. -ed.]

I'm with chimay -- it's much less appealing without one or two extra seats, even if the back row is for kids only.

But as just a plain wagon it's got my interest. I wonder if they'll bring over the Si-ish Stream RSZ...

I guess my next car will have to be an S-MAX...err, Mazda5 or Rondo.

As long as it doesn't come with Bathing Ape floormats, that thing's not bad.

I really like this Stream... the original one had an awful rounded side window that looks like the one on the current CRV. The stunted back seats (a la Mazda5) would be nice when the inlaws come to visit but otherwise I might be tempted to pick this over the Mazda just for what I assume will be better mileage... the Mazda5 doesn't get great mileage considering its lack of power.

Sweet. Although I would assume this now puts a damper on any hopes of the Honda Crossroad coming over here.

Cam C.,

The Mazda5 is getting the more powerful 5AT for the 2008 Model year, which should help any issues with the power. However, having driven it several times (and having a Ford Freestyle as the other car for comparison), it is not underpowered.

We will be getting either a 2007 or 2008 Mazda 5 if nothing but for the sliding doors!


I heard about the 5AT... moot for me as both my wife and I drive manual and I'd never buy an automatic given a choice. (Well, maybe if it was a Volkswagen DSG but even then...)

I'll vouch for the 5-speed auto being way better than the 4-speed though, as I've driven MPVs with both through our car sharing co-op and there's no comparison. It's not really more powerful of course but the first couple gears feel lower so it's really nice around town. (Now if only said co-op would put one of their two Mazda5s in our neighborhood, we'd never worry about buying one in the first place!)

I love Honda, I really do. But I think I'm going to hold out for the Subaru Outback to come to the US w/ a diesel engine. There were rumors a while back... but nothing thus far. I'm patient.

That new turbo diesel boxer engine Subaru showed off in the spring? It would be awesome to have but they said Europe-only for now at the time in all the articles I read (including that Autoblog one you linked to).

For what it's worth they don't even offer it in Japan yet where there are a lot more diesel cars than here in North America, so don't hold your breath.

Honda Stream.....

Enough Said!!

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