August 29, 2007

Baby Paper? "Because Babies Love To Play With Paper!" Uh,

Somewhere in America, a car is parked in the driveway tonight. It's regular space has been usurped for months now by several dozen cases of [reams of?] CD jewelbox-sized, crinkly plastic-lined fleece hankies known as Baby Paper. ["Known" may...
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Probo The Huggable Hospital Robot Is Obviously From Europe

The University of Brussels and the ANTY Project are developing a friendly, plush hospital robot for diagnostic and therapeutic use with children. Despite getting burned on the Teddy Ruxpin thing a few years back, Bill Gates is involved in underwriting...
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Ford S-Max Spotted In LA

Recently, the fine folks at Ford Motor Company sent me an invitation to participate in a kind-of-tasty-sounding promotional event, which, for various reasons, I was unable to accept. Should such an invitation ever involve a sneak preview in advance...
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