August 28, 2007

Freshman Dad Has 17-mo Roommate, Not A Lot Of Free Time

Mike Schieding's girlfriend got pregnant during junior year [of high school]. If he hadn't found out about Endicott College's campus residential program for single parents, he figures he never would've been able to manage a job, an education and full custody of his son Skyler.

Obviously, he's the only dad in the program. Also obviously, he says his fellow freshman are not that into getting to know the guy with the kid, since he probably can't ever go anywhere that doesn't have a playground attached.

Carrying a toddler with his course load [ via dt reader dana]
Previously, Mar 2005: 18-yo DC dad in high school, raising his kid.


Damn. Go get em Mike! Good luck dude.

yes, it's so awesome that a young man who is trying hard to be responsible and make life better for himself and his little boy has been able to link up with an institution that acknowledges and supports a small, but important user group.

Dude has being a role model for his kid sewn up, at this point I figure he's a role model to us all.

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