August 25, 2007

WHOA, FULL STOP. Spongmonkey Plush Toys???

Have you ever had one of those moments where you suddenly question the way you've lived your life and all the choices and assumptions you've made, and you just stare in baffled rage at your reflection in the mirror, wondering where you went wrong?

I'd seen Spongmonkeys sing to the moon before they ever sang to a toasted sub. Ninja kittens got me to ska long before they were kidnapped by Coca-Cola de Argentina. Viking Kitten, I don't know what you're talking about there; it wasn't even me. And anyway, I was so wasted. That was just a phase in college.


And yet, I only find out there are plush toy versions available today? I might have to take some time off to get my bearings. Reflect and regroup. Just as soon as the package arrives, 7-10 business days, I expect.

[update: Wait, so it's like cafepress. you can get anything printed on a baby t-shirt or bodysuit, too? Really?? Even jazzchinchilla?]

Spongmonkey soft toy, Ninja Kitten soft toy, and Viking Kitten soft toy, £12.95 each [ via]
The set of all three, plus Blode is £36.95 [ via]


NO WAY! I love the spongmonkeys so much that I was actually glad when they were co-opted by the mass market so that many, many more people would see them, so much so that I looked up who did the Quiznos ad campaign and sent the company an email. I got a lovely email back from a guy who worked on the campaign, which made me feel as warm and fuzzy as the spongmonkeys do. I even tried Quiznos, which is better than Subway.

Now I just have to convince my husband that our five-week-old son desperately needs not only the toy but also some clothing...

Ridiculous. Self = Minnesota Vikings fan; daughter = first word is "kitty." The Viking Kitty is, like, the perfect storm. More disposable income goes bye-bye thanks to daddytypes.

ohmygod. we have to get those for my baby when he is born in october. we need to warp his little mind. vanessa and brian

Ordered! Awesome.

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