August 25, 2007

WHOA, FULL STOP. Spongmonkey Plush Toys???

Have you ever had one of those moments where you suddenly question the way you've lived your life and all the choices and assumptions you've made, and you just stare in baffled rage at your reflection in the mirror, wondering...
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Freakonomicist Teaches Rock, Paper, Scissors, Not Bedtime Stories. NYT Makes Quiznos Commercial About Same

My second reaction to Freakonomicist Steven Levitt's strategy of focusing on teaching his kids the things they won't automatically pick up at school, like creativity, instead of math and reading: brilliant. [Note: for purposes of Freakonomics, "Creativity" is defined...
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Synergroovy! Creative Playthings Toy News Truck & Camera

Hilariously inevitable. A toy TV news van with a detachable microphone and camera on top, that flips over into a giant toy studio camera, complete with a lens. From Creative Playthings, during the late A Division of CBS years,...
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