August 24, 2007

DT Cute-Out: Tooth Fairy Pillows And Other Yo Gama-GOO-dness

You know what, it's been kinda grim around here lately, time for a cute-out.


The fellas at Gama-Go are having a big Labor Day Sale next weekend. The first 200 people to order $150 or more of Gama-Go-Gear between 12:01AM Friday and 11:59PM Monday get a signed, limited edition Gama Group print, on stretched canvas. It's a $300 value, yours free when you order now. I mean later. Next weekend.

What might you buy, you ask, to get all the way to $150? Well, the baby gear is all so reasonably priced, you'd have to buy a half dozen Gama-Goo bodysuits, at least. Try throwing an adult piece or two into the mix. Or one of those patchwork T-shirt blankets would put you over the top in one shot.


Or, you could go with this: a Tooth Fairy Pillow, made by Toothsies [?] out of slightly mis-printed Gama-Go t-shirts. Admittedly, a tooth fairy pillow is less than useless to someone whose kid still doesn't have any teeth to begin with. But are you sure that you'll be able to find a pillow with a pocket attached, made of recycled t-shirts, when you actually need it 8 or whatever years from now? Why take that chance?

Coming Soon: Gama-Go Labor Day Event [, thanks g-g greg]
Gama-Goo Tooth Fairy Pillow, $40

1 Comment

T-shirt pillows -- genius! Do you know how freaking easy it is to make pillows? Use an old T-shirt for one side and it's even easier. I am stealing this idea -- thanks!


[sweet, send pics. I was feeling a little hollow recommending shopping as an antidote for a bad mood. -ed.]

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