August 24, 2007

DT Cute-Out: Kindra Murphy And Her Magical Estonian Stickerforms


Kindra Murphy spent a good chunk of last year in Estonia, soaking up design inspiration, and raiding the local office supply stores for the classic, Colorform-like stickers that she used to compose Estonian Village. It's just on butcher paper. [Estonian, of course.]

On her new blog, she has several details of the scene; each one is as awesome as the next. I can't figure out what'd be best to do with these happy-modern designs: sheets, prints, t-shirts, gigantic murals, wallpaper. Maybe you just gobble them all up. Or maybe put together a road trip to the nearest Offyzei Depotovski to clear out their stock of geometric stickers.

Estonian Village [kindraishere via referencelibrary]

[Momentary grim digression: it was seeing Murphy's beautiful geometric sticker compositions on Andy's blog, Reference Library, that made me think to watch Hirata's geometric felt video for DJ Klock a few days ago.]

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