August 23, 2007

After BPA Blurb, Publicists Reach Out To "Headline Parenting" "Expert"

So while I didn't get on CBS yesterday, I did get a quote in the Washington Post's article about the latest developments in the whole Bisphenol A toxic plastic baby bottle controversy. [I guess that means I'm not TV-hot, only...
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DTQ: What's Too Long For A Kid's Book?

So the kid and I just read Mister Tall, one of the Roger Hargreaves books, and I know some old man at the Wall Street Journal will harrumph when I say it, but the book's just too damn long and...
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DT Word Of The Day: Galactagogue

n. An agent that promotes the secretion and flow of milk. [found in "Alcohol’s Effect on Lactation," Julie Mennella, Ph. D., published by the NIAAA/NIH] also, galactagogic, adj. also, galactagoguery, n., the title of a 1939 Time Magazine article on...
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Forget It, Jake. It's Rajasthan.

90-year-old Rajasthani farmer Nanu Ram Jogi and his wife Saburi, 50, are celebrating the birth of their new daughter, Girija Rajkumari. Girija is Nanu's 21st child. Saburi is his fourth wife. She had originally been married to Nanu's Number One...
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