August 22, 2007

Bulletproeuf Baby?


So tell me, did New Line Cinema get permission to use the image of Oeuf's new Sparrow crib on Bullet Proof Baby, the fauxmotional website for Shoot'em Up, the new movie where Clive Owen and Monical Belluci have to protect a newborn baby from a sadistic criminal mastermind?

Did they clear that baby logo? Where's that from again? I'm afraid the remarkable similarity is causing confusion in this consumer's mind.

How about the little icon in the web browser, which, I swear, looks just like professional film curmudgeon David Bordwell's blog logo?


More importantly, who cares? The bullet-proof stroller demo video alone is worth the blatant copyright infringement; I'm sure Time Warner'll be as generous with their own intellectual property.

Actually, I do wonder, though: did Peg Perego pay to have their Primo Viaggio [side impact protected, but not, as far as I know, bulletproof] featured in this scene where a mitten-clad Owen uses a carrot to fire a gun?


For new parents who want to spend $60 to watch a little baby in mortal danger for two straight hours, Shoot 'Em Up opens Sept. 7. Or you could just hire a totally unknown quantity babysitter, go see The Bourne Ultimatum, and get the baby-in-peril anxiety for free.

Bullet Proof Baby [, via dt reader david, who has no identifiable publicist connections. keyword: identifiable.]


It's surely paid product placement, no? Otherwise wouldn't they use a Jenny Lind or something similarly generic with no clear IP path?

[I don't think they used a Sparrow in the actual movie. Belucci's set looks like the Addams Family-meets-Patricia Fields -ed.]

Not to quibble, but it appears that the head of the baby logo may be the cylinder of a revolver, where the Bordwell symbol is most likely a film reel. Admittedly similar-looking, but surely not too similar?

[not a small point. it's also not the DadGear logo. -ed.]

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