August 22, 2007

Craigslist Brings Sperm Donor Model To Lactation Industry

Spotted on the Birmingham, AL Craigslist:young mom needed for special job need lactater. want to make $100 on a regular basis? I want your milk. no other contact necessary. clean discreet environment, or I will come to your location.A hundred...
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Bulletproeuf Baby?

So tell me, did New Line Cinema get permission to use the image of Oeuf's new Sparrow crib on Bullet Proof Baby, the fauxmotional website for Shoot'em Up, the new movie where Clive Owen and Monical Belluci have to...
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Liveblogging The CBS Early Show Segment On 'Hip, Hands-On Dads'

A little while back, CBS's Early Show called, looking for one of the "new breed of dads" they could put on TV. He had to be: hip hands-on in the NY Metro area, and willing to let CBS show his...
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