August 21, 2007



This Like-a-Bike-like walking scooter practically demands to be covered with mod decals and several rearview mirrors. And if anyone knows where to get a kid-sized army jacket, I know where to get an iron-on target t-shirt.


[And speaking of Target, you could wait until next spring to see if they come out with a knockoff, but given that this summer's $50 Like-a-Bike knockoffs are now on sale for $12.99, I would bet their saturation marketbombing campaign is over.]

Balance Scooter With Seat Cover, £99 [ via swissmiss]
Mod Target T-shirt or infant bodysuit, $20 []
Previously: Skuut: suspiciously like a Like-a-Bike, but with huge balls


if you have two kids you need to get one of them this awesome scoot and the other one this
Ducati Monster

then take them all out to the beach for a little mods v. rockers rumble.

It simply looks cute! I wonder how practical it is.

I feel completely ripped-off.

And here I thought I was getting a deal buying the knock-off at $50...compared to $300.

There's something wrong with this world.

[I've heard that if you buy them by the containerload, they're just $14. So there's still the possibility that Target--which bought them by the shipload--is still making money at $13. chew on that. Or wait, don't; it's probably got lead paint. -ed.]

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