August 20, 2007

More Mercedes Benz 2008 C-Wagon Spy Shots


By camouflaging all the test mules with hideously boring body panels from a fifth generation Camry, Mercedes-Benz has done a spectacular job of keeping the ground-breaking design of the new, mid-range C-Class a mystery, right up to the launch next month at Frankfurt. The disguisers had an especially tough job with the C-Class wagon, since Toyota discontinued the Camry wagon in 2001. Judging from these boring spy photos, though, I think they earned their German government-mandated 12 weeks paid vacation in Gran Canaria.

Can't wait for the big reveal to see what it really looks like. I am so stoked.

2008 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate Caught Undisguised [carscoop via dt reader cam]


Interesting. Very interesting! When is this buggy due to come out in the US?

Is Mercedes NOT going to sell this in the US?

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