August 20, 2007

Huge, Hand-Woven Pacman Carpet At Our Children's Gorilla


The motto for the wonderful Swedish design firm Our Children's Gorilla is, "The children's imagination is our inspiration." In this case, "the children" are "the children who spent the 80's in dark video arcades, pumping every spare kroner into Pac-Man and its spin-offs." Those children are now grown and having kids of their own.

One of those children will soon be playing with his children on this sweet, wool Pac Man carpet, hand-woven in Portugal. [Since the carpet is "one of two made," I'm betting the another of those children has grown up to start an awesome Swedish toy company.]

The carpet is big, 7x10 ft [or as the Royale w/Cheese crowd puts it, 210x310cm], and the landscape format, maze color and bitrate makes me think it's inpired by a handheld version of Ms. Pac-Man. [Any Pac-maniacs able to pinpoint it?]

Whatever version it's from, though, a set of chihuahua-sized Pac-Man and Ghost plush dolls is clearly in order.

Pac-Man carpet from Our Childrens Gorilla, 15,000 SEK, roughly USD1830, shipped
[ocg, thanks christopher]


"a set of chihuahua-sized Pac-Man and Ghost plush dolls is clearly in order"

*or* chihuahuas in Pac-Man and Ghost costumes.

the design of the maze is actually more reminiscent of Ms. Pac-Man...

My first thought is that it's the maze from the atrocious Atari 2600 version, but improved to what we *thought* it might looked like.

[and even with 4 pixels, the ghosts look better than on the 2600. -ed.]

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