August 17, 2007

The Harmony, For Pinstripe Prep: Zed's In Bed, Baby


The Limited Edition Harmony. A convergence of Pinstripe Prep, upstart purveyors of fine baby and kid gear ["country club couture without the snobbery"], custom car guru Joe Iacono and the mastermind Jason Albert, whose expert hands bring each custom Harmony into the world.


Of course, there are iPod docks and DVD players and retractable cup-holders and self-regenerating power-assisted drivetrain and brakes and custom paint and custom wheels and custom luggage available. Drivers of a stroller with a $2500 base would demand no less.


Hmm? What's that? You say, "It's not a stroller, baby, It's a chopper? Now come on, let's go"? I couldn't agree with you more. For years now, I've wanted nothing more than to hit the open road with the kid and just go. In a straight line, hopefully on a flat, smooth surface, with a bit of cloud cover so the kid doesn't turn into a black leather-wrapped Hobo Dinner. If not since seeing Easy Rider or Pulp Fiction, then at least since the kid's first readthrough of Urban Babies Wear Black.


Stay tuned to Pinstripe Prep for release details. lead time's projected at 6 wks [ via prepster jamie]
Joe Iacono Design []


that's sick! (as the kids say or used to several years ago). my daughter is 4 + asks, "can it go by itself?"

I'm trying to figure out the target market for this. Batman, maybe? (And not a good Batman, but more like an Adam West or George Clooney Batman.)

[ouch *2. I'd say Kilmer. -ed.]

While part of me likes this for its craziness and craftsmanship, the other part of me realizes what a complete tool you'd look like pushing it around town. And the fact that you'd have to have a guy waving a flag 20 yards in front of you to clear the sidewalks.

[LOLOL, I think a pace stroller's one of the most popular options. OTOH, you'd get great treatment from the valet parking guys. -ed.]

I do love me the strange baby buggies. My wife said that my interest in such non-collapsible kid movers might result in multi-tiered carriage parking like in NYC parking lots.

I like this bit of strangeness here...

What kid wouldn't look cool in that stroller? It's all about being different and having custom items that set you apart from the rest of the crowd. I think it's great that we can now have a custom sled to push our kids around in. having an ordinary stroller is like driving a minivan, don't let your buddies see you doing it! I've got mine ordered, i can't wait!

My kids are now teen agers and I had no reason to even look at strollers. However, these things are so sharp, I had to stop and gawk. They were the coolest product I saw at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas this year!


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