August 16, 2007

What's In Your Circumcision Library?


So we're waiting at the OB's office for the 20-week ultrasound visit yesterday, when I spy this Newsweek blurbicle with Brooklyn novelist Jonathan Safran Foer, whose "My Five Most Important Book" list was topped with,

"The Holy Bible: Genesis." I read (and continue to read) it as literature. It's a bottomless well of material."
And I'm like, "Hmm. proudly non-believing Jew, alright."

And then on down a few lines, I read Foer's answer to the magazine's query for "a book you would like to share with your children." And?

I have a small library of books about circumcision, which, when the time comes--that is, when I suddenly find myself with a lot of explaining to do--I will defer to. And then one day he can pass them on to his son. And so on and so on...
Huh. If it weren't for the literature comment, I would've said the definitive circumcision library included the Torah, and not much else. So what are the 2nd through 5th Most Important Circumcision Books out there?

Not that I need to know; looks like kid2.0's another girl.


Kid 2.0? Did I miss something? Congratulations! You and Dutch been collaborating or what?

[yeah, don't tell my wife. -ed.]

Okay, that guy officially annoys the crap out of me now.
I am writing a grant for a research project that would sever all of Long Island's (which includes Brooklyn for you out-of-towners) ties with the rest of the North American continent.
Bridges, tunnels, phones and most especially the internet. [Not sure if a moat filled with poisonous reptiles or a big wall would work better, still working on that part]
Then we let parallel evolution have its way for a couple of dozen thousand years, like Madagascar or The Galapagos, and see what pops out.
But in the intervening millenia, we'll never have to hear from this knucklehead, or those increasingly annoying and ubiquitous Williamsburg artistes, either.
And P.S., I didn't realize you were working on The Kid: The Sequel.

["an (other) island off the coast of America"; also, my work is done. Now I'm told I'm just supposed to help out a bit more around the house. -ed.]

Funny you should mention the 20-week scan...

Congrats! That's exciting news. First the stitches slipped in without intro and now a baby! What will happen next?

[judging from the next post, I expect the Apocalypse is just around the corner. -ed.]

Congrats and best wishes for kid 2!

Congrats. Does that mean you will be testing double strollers? I expect some fun double long puns.

Dude, congrats!

Wow, congratulations. I guess you thought that most of us would miss the clue, but way to go. I do firmly believe that we are in the middle of another baby boom!!!


[the clue about a guy in the OB/GYN waiting room? that's some clue. -ed.]

Congratulations to you, the missus, and most importantly to the big sister-to-be!

[thanks, though now I feel kind of bad for people who see there are comments on the post and are all stoked to find a great circumcision reading list. -ed.]

Congrats! The 2nd one is lots of fun. It's that 3rd one you have to watch out for...
So what will you do? Bugaboo doesn't make a double.

[I know some people there now; I'm pretty sure if I ask, they'll get right on it... -ed.]

Woohoo! Congrats from Chad and I. ...and yeah, I was rather intrigued when I saw 10 comments about circ books, but this'll do too.

Looks like you've got about 20 weeks to finish that crib...

[lol, you know I totally reset the clock on that thing. only now I have to figure out a full crib front, not just a toddler rail. If past is prologue, I expect it'll take about 2 years... -ed.]

Congratulations on the impending arrival! - and the fact that it's another girl. I've got two girls and, after seeing some of my 3 year old's friends that are boys (NOT "boyfriends" yet), I can definitely say I'm glad I've got girls. At least now before they're teenagers.

All the best. -mdd

Ah well, if Bugaboo doesn't get right on that double for you, there's always the Firstwheels City Elite Double

congrats greg & wife & kid 1.0!

First off.... strong work! Congrats on another girl... I've always thought that every girl needs a sister. I have 2 girls, 2 years apart, and they are great pals. Their little brother (as sweet as he is) can be hell on wheels (physically). In a way, so far you're lucky not having to worry about the circumcision decision. Anyways, best wishes to you, the wife and big sister 2B! PS... need another Maxi-Cosi infant seat?

Yeah, thank god it isn't a boy. Wow, from a mom of three boys, I gotta say certain commentors are assholes. But then again, from this snobby, elitist and narrow-minded site, I wouldn't expect much else.


[?? um, thanks? and thanks for reading and commenting regularly for two years even though the site apparently sucks. didn't realize it was such a burden. -ed.]

Yay! Congrats!
Sorry I haven't commented in awhile, but this called for it.

just so no one [else] leaves unhappy or misled, here is a list of circumcision titles sent in by a "professional jew", which could mean "Catskills comedian," but in this case means, an actual cantor:

here's my list of must-have post-circumcision kids' books:

-Where the Foreskin Ends
-If You Give a Mouse a Bris...
-Goodnight Mohel*
-Oh! The Places You'll Grow!
-The Very Hungry Circumciser
-Are You My Mohel?
-Thomas the Tank Engine's Noisy Snip
-On the Day You Were Shorn
-Furious George

And hear are a few more, that didn't even need title alterations:

-Guess How Much I Love You?
-The Touch Me Book
-When We Were Very Young
-There's a Wocket in My Pocket!
-Hop on Pop

Congratulations on babette no. 2!

The good thing about the second baby is that she snaps you right back to reality just when you start getting too self-congratulatory about your excellent parenting skills. Er, or was that just me?

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