August 16, 2007

Rauschenberg-ian Goodness On A Onesie* By Ooh La La Mama


You know what you used to see too much of at a contemporary art auction? Robert Rauschenberg prints. I swear, the dude was off the hook in the 70's and 80's with the indistinguishable collage-y silkscreened mish-mashes of pop and historical imagery. When the endless stream of Rauschenberg lithograph lots came up for sale, you knew you had at least an hour before you needed to be back for the good stuff. [Too harsh? Look, the man is a genius, and I wish him a long and healthy life. But he seriously, seriously over-produced.]

And you know what you just don't see enough of at all in the infant clothing market? Onesies and t-shirts and bodysuits that don't just try to be cute/hip/snarky-funny. Seriously, everything's so damn too-cute!! What's up with that? Isn't there anything else to aspire to for a piece of baby clothing?


So yeah, irony of ironies, some of the most incredible, gorgeous, creative, and off-the-charts unique bodysuits I've ever seen just so happen to look a lot like an amped up flatfileful of the best collages Robert Rauschenberg never made.

Each piece in Cindy Parker's Ooh La La Mama collection is a multi-image melange, multi-screened onto the entire bodysuit. The design bleeds across the leg and neck openings, like those AIDS fundraiser t-shirts Martin Margiela does every year.


You know what else I don't see enough of? Buddha Onesies. Fortunately, Ooh La La's got some. You know what I wouldn't mind seeing less of? Skulls and rocker stuff, but that's just me. I'm sure Silver Lake is lapping it up, and if I'm really embracing the Buddha, I have to be OK with that.


Ooh La La Mama Onesies may actually be made using Gerber's trademarked Onesie-Brand infant bodysuits, but I doubt it. They're $38. Please be firm but kind when you ask when the t-shirts, and kid-dresses are coming out.

Ooh La La Mama baby clothes
via Naomi, who got a bunch for the new kid--mazeltov all around! [superdumbsupervillain]

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