August 15, 2007

Whazzap! Dutch Baby Do-Rag

Without going too deeply into my own personal history with the subject, let's just say that I, like many, many parents, can appreciate a good do-rag.

Yet when it comes to a classic bandanna you could easily tie on a baby's head, the do-rag industry always seemed to come up empty. Regular-sized bandannas did not work. Maybe just a tiny, pre-cut, triangular simulacrum, with apron-like straps would be fine? If the kid's got hair, maybe even put the do-rag on top of the head, not on top of the forehead? Keep the hair out of the face?

I'm just saying, do we really have to go to Holland to track down a decent do-rag? Because this one does look like it's getting close.

Bas, short for Badass, from Hyves, the Dutch MySpace [ via sandy]


greg, greg, greg, you don't need to go to THE dutch, just me. if I had known you needed a toddler-sized doo-rag, I would have picked one up for you at our beauty supply shop.

there's a mies van der rohe-designed shopping center here in our neighborhood that's empty except for a day labor sign-up office, a cell phone store, a thai restaurant, an over-40s nightclub that does urban line dancing, and a beauty supply shop with wigs, XXXXXL white t-shirts, and doo-rags in all shapes and sizes. Juniper has the 2-3 year old version.

{dude, why does that suddenly sound like the awesomest shopping center EVER? for about five minutes? I swear, I gave up asking for baby-sized do-rags; the looks I got, I might as well have been trying to ask for a teasing comb in Japanese. Which I've also done and failed at. -ed.]

Some nice silk / velcro do-rags (with matching frilly knickers)at To say nothing of their fabulous slings.

[wow. this one's like an Erykah Badu-rag. -ed.]

"There are these, but it seems as if the company is already preparing for winter.

Here's my son in Lithuania about two months ago. They're all over Eastern Europe. Look at the one captioned "popcorn for dinner"

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