August 15, 2007

Toys R Us Lead-Tainted Bibs Still Less Lead-Tainted Than Wal-Mart's

The NY Times commissioned its own testing, and found that vinyl bibs made for Toys R Us by Hamco contained three times the lead allowed in paint. Hamco bibs sold for three years at Wal-Mart, however, had as much as 16x the legal limit.

So remember, when you're in the market for degraded, outsourced-to-China vinyl bibs, no one gives you more lead for your hard-earned dollar than the everyday low price experts of Wal-Mart. Keep trying, Geoffrey!

Includes a great explanation of lead testing and regulatory gaps: Some Baby Bibs Said to Contain Levels of Lead [nyt]

Previously: JPMA Says Nothing Wrong With Wal-Mart's Vinyl Bibs Of Death


Well I wish these companies would just quit with all the bad news. Not only do we have a couple of the Diego toys that were recalled (ours were from before may) and were already worried that they may still have been tainted and were planning on going ahead and having the kids tested anyway... but then the military "Car" figure got recalled which connor had and now the only stinkin' vinyl bib we have in our entire house (the baseball bat/soccer ball "especially for baby" version) and the one that Connor just happens to wear every rotten day is lead tainted too!!!

Okay now just how in the heck am I supposed to know if the test comes back positive now what's causing it??? I think we should just toss out everything!

Outsourcing manufacturing is not worth it. I'd rather pay twice as much for products I know are produced with more controls or sanity.

I want to see the gross margin numbers on vinyl bibs and all these toys that are being recalled. I want to know how awful Hasbro would have it if toys were made here.

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