August 15, 2007

Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bags For Dads: Hint For Them By Name

You know how secret shopper Paco Underhill says women will cut through the men's department, but if the women's department's right up front, men will not need socks after all; we'll just catch up with you at the food court?

I wonder what advice Paco would give the diaper bagging gurus at Petunia Pickle Bottom who, after doing such a great job becoming "the brand all moms want," decided they wanted a little piece of the dad diaper bag, too?


Because I don't think the Kate/Jack Spade route is going to work. Frank Pickle Bottom? Gus Pickle Ass?

They could try to play up the dad angle a bit, mention that the name came from childhood, "(the head designer's father coined the phrase when she was a little one)" and launch a similarly sentimental boy's name as a brand: Knucklehead, Ya Little Monster, Getchyer Molasses Ass Over Here NOW!--I admit, I'm drawing a blank here. Any ideas?

Or they could just go balls out [good start!] and put the macho-est, SUV-est sounding name they could think of--The Scout Collection--and figure that 99% of these bags are going to be bought by women for men, and so guys will never get within a hundred Q-Factor points of even hearing the name "Petunia Pickle Bottom."

It's not like guys are gonna get together and ask, "Is that the Journey Pack or the Rubicon Rucksack?" "Dude, Journey Pack = hairy back. I.e., debossed, heathered, industrial felt. Besides, does this look like distressed buffalo hide to you?"

Net net: guys who want to steer their bagbuyers toward the Scout Collection can relax; just leave the browser window open, or head to Nordstrom's "for a shoe shine." They've got your back.

From baby to board room, Dads will tote in style with new Scout Collection from Petunia Pickle Bottom. [press release, now deleted, but thanks to PPP's PR for the heads up]
First Look: Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bags for Dads [babble, too, thanks jason]


Felt? Is it really more functional as a diaper bag than a Jack Spade bag?

[that, I don't know. I wasn't confident enough in my masculinity to attend the International Gift Fair at the Javitz Ctr last weekend to see it in person. I'd wrap my entire house in industrial felt if I could, though. That stuff rocks. Joseph Beuys Pickle Bottom. -ed.]

"From baby to board room" - For the rugged gentleman who literally wipes his bosses ass.

I trend towards the cheaper "Jack Bauer" look . For $13.00 + shipping I can change my kids dirty diaper or defuse a thermonuclear device.

Is that a cigar tube?

[just happy to see you. Actually, I think you're talking about the rolled up changing pad? -ed.]

I just posted some pics of the smaller Scout bag on my blog. Because I think it's purdy. And it has a brass wipes case.

[it's like how you used to use a cloves tin as a wallet in high school. And by you, I guess I mean me. Not that I ever actually smoked or anything... -ed.]

Gus Pickle Ass: LOL

These are really nice, especially the felt. They almost make me wish I still had to change diapers. Oh wait, no they don't.

[do you have a laptop? -ed.]

"Balls Out" would be a good name for guys' diaper bags.

When mine was almost due, some guy friends of mine looked at womens' diaper bags and then went straight to the hardware section of Sears and bought the closest equivalent, making sure it said "CRAFTSMAN" in big bright-red embroidered letters.

[one of the early mottos for DT was "parenting with balls" -ed.]

Meh. I'm secure enough to carry to same ol' crappy diaper bag my wife carries.

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