August 15, 2007

Dude's Selling A Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix On eBay, Also That Ikea Trofast Cradle

cabriofix_ebay.JPG trofast_ebay.JPG

Now one of the basic rules about car seats is that you don't buy them used because you just never know for certain that they haven't been in an accident and had their structural integrity compromised somehow.

That said, this rig on eBay at the moment looks to be in pristine shape, and the longtime eBayer dad selling it--who's now outfitting for twins--says, "This car seat has NOT been involved in any accident."

Also, it's a penny. So you buy the Bugaboo adapters, the cocoon, and the IsoFix EasyBase for $230 combined, and the car seat's basically free? Do all car seat auctions involve off-eBay upsells? The gear and the price sound fine, but this just seems weird to me.

What sounds like a no-brainer, on the other hand, is the sweet Trofast cradle/bench that Erika Pekkari designed for Ikea way back in the 1990's. It's currently $31+40 or so shipping. The German-style canopy thing is optional.

MAXI COSI CabrioFix Infant Car Seat Navy Reflection, auction ends Aug. 17 [ebay]
Rare IKEA TROFAST Rocking Cradle Crib DISCONTINUED, auction ends Aug. 17 [ebay]


That car seat deal is amazing, if for no reason other than I have almost the exact same setup (except in Black Reflection and sans the Bugaboo adapters) that I plan to put up on eBay in the next week or so. I could use almost his entire posting word for word. Here's hoping I get some free advertising from daddytypes, too (ahem).

[you should sell your rig to him; he's got twins now. actually, I'm trying to find a good, easy way for people to send in a link to an auction on eBay, theirs, or one they like--but aren't necessarily bidding on. -ed.]

I was watching this auction too. Final price ended up to be $142. Include the base, Bug adapters and shipping the lucky bidder has spent $350 for a used car seat. Hopefully that seat will last the baby through the first year

I just bought the Maxi Cosi Mico that includes the base for $150. Finally found one at, everyone else was back ordered.

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