August 14, 2007

DT Drawing! Win A Micralite Toro Newborn From Sparkability

To celebrate the launch of the new Micralite Toro Newborn stroller, longtime DT advertiser Sparkability is giving one away. And Daddy Types is helping to increase your chances to win.


Complete details about the stroller and the drawing are on Sparkabilty's site, but here's the basic deal:

If you join Sparkability's mailing list by midnight EST September 15th, you'll be entered to win. If you sign up for Daddy Types' mailing list, you'll get another chance to win. [Note: DT doesn't have a mailing list at the moment, but when I can get the sweet, sweet concept worked out for one, you'll be on it.]

But wait, that's not all. Two other great parenting blogs are also participating in the Micralite drawing. Sign up for Coochicoo's and Mod*Mom's mailing lists, too, and you'll have a total of four chances to win the rig. And you'll be that much better informed on what everyone's up to, blogwise. It's win-win-win-win-win!

So sign up here to join Sparkability's mailing list and DT's [eventual] mailing list in one shot:

DT's privacy policy is here. Sparkability's privacy policy is here, and drawing details are here. Also, the confirmation email contains specifics of signing up for the two sites' lists.


i'm so exciting to be on your email list (try feedburner)
i'd actually like to win this too :)
it's awesome

Such a modern stroller! Love the design!

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