August 11, 2007

Patented Modernist Dollhouses


Ever the eBay shark, Andy found this sweet, modernist plywood-and-plexi dollhouse for sale on eBay and posted it to Stork Bites Man.

The description says it was designed and built by an architect; the plexiglass walls can slide out to create "an open plan," but the killer upgrade here is not granite countertops, no way. The house is built on a lazy susan, so it rotates for added playtime fun. Which, I would bet, will eventually involve loading up the house for a party, then spinning it wildly to watch everyone go flying out the windows. [Suddenly Johnny's voice from Airplane popped into my head: "Auntie Em! Auntie Em! A twister! A twister!"]

The description also says the plans are patented, so even if you don't win the $150-and-counting auction tomorrow, they should theoretically be available for your private perusal and non-commercial replication. I couldn't find the actual patent, though if Momoll started offering their dollhouse on a skateboard, I'm sure they'd get a C&D PDQ. [Any patent sharks out there?]

Ho-lee mo-lee. I am announcing Daddy Types' transformation into a homemade modernist dollhouse factory/emporium. This thing sold for $790.


I did turn up a rather sweet dollhouse design from 1948, though: the world-famous Haynes Doll House. Or if there's any justice in the world, her design patent made Mabel Haynes at least Winnebago County-famous. This thing rocks. All that glazing, the simple box-on-box shape that creates a nice roofdeck, just add a line drawing of a Prius, and the Haynes House could be the next Mod Prefab Of The Week. The railings look a little poke-hazardous for smaller kids, but maybe I'm just not ready to go back to the ER so soon.

Also, I assume the rear of the house hinges open--do you need it at all?--because I don't think the mini Eames lounge chair will fit through those tiny doors.

Rotating, original Modern glass and wood Doll House, currently $99+50s/h, auction ends Aug 12 [ebay via storkbitesman]
Patent #D156001 , Haynes Doll House [google patents]
Previously: Dutch's Awesome Miesian Plexi Dollhouse is better than Better Homes & Gardens 1972 Plexiglass Dollhouse idea
Momoll Plexiglass & Plywood Dollhouse & stuff is gorgeous


$510.00 and still going!

[holy smokes, who's the architect, Zaha freakin' Hadid? -ed.]

$681.03! 12 hours to go.

maybe some under-employed architect should seize the opportunity and churn these babies out... I'd buy one... (not for $790)

As soon as I get the house built and decorated, I'll post images of it on my blog:

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