August 10, 2007

Woo Hoo! Tokidoki + ducduc + Yoya Colabo Crib


Colabos are nothing new for the indie and art toy world, but products for actual kids are. The plush & vinyl toy boom is a bit weird in that it ignores the traditional toy customers--children--in favor of still-a-kid-on-the-inside twentysomethings who have more money, more discretionary shelfspace--and less stringent product safety standards that enable random Billyburgers to sell toys without liability insurance because they're for "grownups."

One consistent exception to this kidblindness is Yoya, the West Village kid's store which recognized the appeal that slightly edgy, non-corporate, and exotic toys might have to families--kids and parents alike--who live in the city.

Now that sensibility has yielded a sweet, baby-related cross-pollination: a colabo crib. Simone Legno's toy and character company Tokidoki is teaming up with ducduc to make a limited edition of the company's fabric-panelled PJ Crib. Available for order only via Yoya starting in September, the Tokidoki PJ will feature fabric end panels with the company's Moofia characters.

No word on pricing yet, no word on anything, in fact. I just snapped a photo of the mockup on the Yoya computer, then schmoozed for permission to publish it. So stay tuned.

regular old PJ fabric panel crib, $1,295 []
Moofia by Tokidoki []


If deliverys like other Duc Duc lately, you better order this after the first date

[d'oh! the inbox has been quiet lately; I figured they were getting better. -ed.]

Oh my god this is so cute...

I'm not sure my three week old son needs more encouragement to become a full-blown asian fetishist geek boy at this early stage in his development, but I do have a Tokidoki diaper bag so this would match, if anyone wants to send me a giant crib as a gift.

Or if you could tell the Yoya folk to make matching bedding. That I might be able to justify...

[congratulations, btw, naomi. -ed.]

ducduc sells this crib with a do-it-yourself fabric option - so anybody can get a custom look.

That looks awesome. I love the crib already.

That looks awesome. I love the crib already. Rumor has it the tokidoki / ducduc crib sells for @ $4500. Ouch... but it is a collectible / limited edition.

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