August 7, 2007

TMX x AF1: Custom Airbrushed Elmo Kid Kicks

Whoa. These Elmogrified Air Force Ones are made to order by the Bronx-based airbrush artists of Airmagination. You may know their work from Vibe, The Source, or the collaborative mural in Fitty's crib.

Personally, I'd get Elmo painted on the sole, but that's just me; the creative visions of the artist must be respected. Plus, who wants to pay $230 if your kid's gonna walk off the paint within a week?

Sesame Street Elmo Custom Airbrush Shoes - Tickle Me Elmo TMX Airbrushed Air Force Ones, $230 []


Oh, Greg, how you disappoint me! I really, really, wanted that guy from Texas to fly around in a bright red googly eyed plane. It might, ya know, distract the world from our policies.

The Pablo Escobar model is nice, does it come in toddler sizes?

[there's definitely not enough airbrushed gangsta onesies or gangster. -ed.]

FWIW, the shoes are specially dyed and later treated after painting, so the design will hold up as long as the shoes themselves hold up.

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