August 7, 2007

Little Marc Box At Colette Is A Desperate Cry For Help


Since Marc Jacobs has come so clean about overcoming all his addictions lately, I will, too: I'm a recovering Colette-oholic. I wrestled with my problem for years, even though to be honest, I usually found their highly edited [i.e., limited] selection of clothing to be a bit too precious. And their art and book and design selections always seemed a bit skimpy. [The bookstores at Purple and at the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris were always smarter and richer, respectively.] Ultimately, the whole uncuriously self-satisfied concept ran out of credibility for me; the denizens of Coletteworld, it often seemed, were so pleased to know that they didn't care what they didn't know. Still, it did have the best-stocked mineral water bar in town.

And now this month, Colette will also be the exclusive drop site for what could be the least value-added baby colabo of all time, the Little Marc Box. It's a gift box containing some footy pajamas from Marc Jacobs' kid's line, Little Marc, and a 1,000-piece limited edition Bearbrick doll from Medicom Toys. They both say "MARC WHO?" on the front. That's it. The pajamas come in pink or claret, and the Bearbrick comes in turquoise or bronze. Which means the Little Marc Box comes in hideous or classy, frying pan or fire.

Tell you what. Because I care and want to help, here's I'm gonna do. Daddy Types has a bag of Muji baby swag for the first dad with a fabric pen who sends in pics of his kid wearing authentic "MARC WHORE" pajamas. NO Photoshop.
Little Marc Box is available in a "pre-release exclusive" at Colette beginning August 27. [ via notcot]
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Domestic wall stickers from Colette, Colette of Paris


1,000 pieces make a "limited edition"? ugh.

Can't help with the Marc Whore oneZie, but what about Muji swag for the first dad who sends in pics of their kid's room with Colette Domestic wall stickers?

(On a side note from a reformed Parisian who is intimately familiar with Colette, I always considered that this store was so successful because it appealed to lazy hipsters and wannabes who either weren't capable or didn't have the time to search out new cool stuff on their own. So all they have to do is see what Colette is currently selling. Takes no effort or talent at all for spotting cool stuff. And limited selection is actually a FEATURE, you see; it's more convenient that way).

[laziness. nail on the head. and as for the Domestic Vynil, congratulations for getting it to stick on the wall; we ended up sending our Cap& Pep decals back, they fell off so much. oy. -ed.]

No problem getting them to stick, but the texture of our walls is pretty smooth. The only problem we had was that the baby soon figured out that they were stickers and started to peel at them from her crib and put them in her mouth (I think she may have eaten a few pieces but thankfully never choked). So we had to pull the crib away from the wall for a while until she grew out of that phase.

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