August 3, 2007

What's? The Deal? With That? Don't Mohels Have To Sign NDA's?

seinfeld_surprised.jpgGood L-rd, people, PLEASE tell me you are not out there choosing your mohels based on which celebrity offspring penises he's circumcised?! Just check out what happened to Babble contributor Sam Apple when he went chop-shopping at the JCC:

Thirteen circumcisions in a day was impressive, and it was only the beginning. "I will show you something," the mohel said, getting up from his chair and opening his bag. He returned with a small book and pointed to a signature on the title page. "Jerry Seinfeld," he said.

I leaned over and looked at the signature. I was so impressed that it took me a second to wonder why the mohel had chosen this moment to show off his Seinfeld autograph.

"I circumcised Jerry's son," he explained. And there was more. Pride now visible on his face, the mohel pointed to another signature on the same page. "Judge Judy. I did her grandson."

As long as it wasn't one of those crazy, bloodsucking Jews, [ahem] I would totally go with a mohel over a doc if I were in the market for a circumcision. But is a little privacy for the newest MOT too much to ask? Oy gevalt.

America's Next Top Mohel [latimes]
Previously: Oral Suction, or in Hebrew, metzitzah b'peh; When choosing a mohel, 'caring' isn't enough
update: yes, as the original, incorrect headline indicated, I spent the 90's giving Seinfeld his privacy


I guess we got lucky in this respect. One of the best mohels here in Atlanta is also a physician.

He is an ophthamologist. Apparently, working on the skin of the eyelid is very similar to working with a foreskin.

Very nice quiet fellow.

At least HIPAA laws apply to a physician. Or, presumably, a mohel who is a physician, as a couple of the ones in our area are too.

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