August 3, 2007

The First Time's No Longer Free: NYC Hospitals Stop Handing Out Formula Gift Bags To Newborns

umas_bosomas.jpgAs with so many things during World Breastfeeding Week, news stories about questionable formula marketing practices come in attention-getting pairs.

This time it's New York City's public hospital network, which announced that it would stop handing out free formula samples in their "Congratulations! You had a baby and joined the marketing databases of half a dozen consumer products companies!" gift bags.

Instead, reports The Wall Street Journal, the bags will include pro-breastfeeding items like, "among other things, a breast-milk bottle cooler and a baby T-shirt that says 'I eat at mom’s.'” [Huh. It wasn't word count that led the Journal to substitute "among other things" for "disposable nursing pads." I give it six months before Rupert Murdoch has them running a stipple portrait of LilyPadz spokesmodel Uma Thurman on the front page twice a week.]

NY Hospitals End Formula Giveaways for New Moms [wsj]
NYC Public Hospitals Eliminate Baby Formula Giveaways, Ban Promo Materials in Labor Units to Encourage Breastfeeding []
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1 Comment

This is my favorite comment:

"I like the freebees. I will breastfeed because it’s best from me and my baby, but when I’m ready I want to know what formula is the best one."

I am so glad the marketeers are able to alert me to all of the wonderful products available and help me choose the best one for me and my family.

Now if we can only get someone to throw cloth diaper freebies in those bags...

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