August 3, 2007

The Auto Union Type C Pedal Car, Hand-Made By Audi


A was for Aston Martin. Holy moley. Audi Heritage has produced the world's most beautiful factory pedal car since...since forever. [Like the Junior Volante, the Type 52 Baby Bugatti was electric-powered.]

Handbuilt alloy body, Audi-engineered seven-speed gears and hydraulic disc brakes. Leather, wood and aluminum interior. Hemmings has a whole raft of pictures and other details.


The Auto Union Type C is being sold in an edition of 999 through Audi dealers worldwide for EUR9,700. No matter how hard you try, you can't use the exchange rate to beg off on this one.

Small Auto Union, Big Price [ via dt reader david]
Tretauto Auto Union Type C, EUR9,700


Oh wow. I want one of these. I'd pedal everywhere in it.

Beautiful! Makes me think about trading in my gas-powered for it! With freeway traffic the way it is, I'd probably get to work faster in this.

I just peed myself.

[unsurprisingly, you're not the first person who's told me that this week. -ed.]

Exciting car. Its hand-built nature is that will invite eyeballs.

Well son of a motherless goat.

[I'll take that as a yes. -ed.]

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