August 3, 2007

The Auto Union Type C Pedal Car, Hand-Made By Audi

A was for Aston Martin. Holy moley. Audi Heritage has produced the world's most beautiful factory pedal car since...since forever. [Like the Junior Volante, the Type 52 Baby Bugatti was electric-powered.] Handbuilt alloy body, Audi-engineered seven-speed gears and hydraulic...
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What's? The Deal? With That? Don't Mohels Have To Sign NDA's?

Good L-rd, people, PLEASE tell me you are not out there choosing your mohels based on which celebrity offspring penises he's circumcised?! Just check out what happened to Babble contributor Sam Apple when he went chop-shopping at the JCC:Thirteen circumcisions...
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Cutting Off The End Of Your Son's Penis May Or May Not Affect His Sex Life

There's a lot to swallow, but the deft reporting hands at US News & World Report do a good job of pulling back the outer layers of controversy and concentrating on the most sensitive areas that are the thrust of...
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The First Time's No Longer Free: NYC Hospitals Stop Handing Out Formula Gift Bags To Newborns

As with so many things during World Breastfeeding Week, news stories about questionable formula marketing practices come in attention-getting pairs. This time it's New York City's public hospital network, which announced that it would stop handing out free formula samples...
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