August 1, 2007

Between The Lines Artist Coloring Book For Charity By RxArt


When I wrote about artist coloring books last summer, the new RxArt compilation coloring book, Between The Lines, had been announced, but it wasn't actually ready until December. Now it's for sale to help raise money for the arts-in-hospitals programs of its publisher, the non-profit RxArt. [It's also provided free to kids receiving treatment in the various NYC-area hospitals where RxArt operates.]


Between The Lines has 112 colorable pages of drawings--and four sheets of stickers!!--by contemporary artists ranging from Laura Owens, Jeremy Blake and John Lurie [above] to William Wegman and Sol Lewitt. While the pages have varying levels of intricacy and difficulty, the content is all-ages. So presumably, Robert Mapplethorpe's page doesn't include any bullwhip insertions, and instead of line drawings of coke-fuelled hipster orgies of Dash Snow or his bedmate Ryan McGinley, there are happy little merit badge stickers for appropriately non-debauched skills by Ryan McGinness. [thanks, Andy for correcting me on the Ryan/Ryan thing.]


Between The Lines: The RxArt Coloring Book is for sale at a few museum bookshops, including Diabooks, or you can order multiple copies directly from RxArt for $17 []
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It's that Greg/Jeff thing again: the orgy-mate is Ryan McGinley, not McGinness.

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