August 1, 2007

DTQ: What Movie Are You Stoked For Your Kid To See Someday?

Let's lighten the mood. Assuming they survive the lead paint, the car seats, and the trips to the ER, what formative movie can you barely wait for your kid to be old enough to see? Apocalypse Now? Fast Times...
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Get The Hell Away From My Kid, Diego! Get The Hell Away! Mattel/Fisher-Price Recalls 1MM Toys For Lead Paint Contamination

Maybe it would be easier if all the companies left who don't sell hyper-popular licensed character toys contaminated with lead paint could please raise your hand? Anyone? Fisher-Price, whose Made in America toys we all gnawed on as children, has...
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When I Hear JPMA Supports Safety, I Reach For My EU-Certified Car Seat

Proper use of a car seat is a vital and effective way to protect kids while driving. The lobbying and trade group for the Baby Industrial Complex, the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, says that car seat safety tests are "more...
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Dancing Bears, Dashikis, Rope Sandals: Why, It's Baby Hippie Wear Just Like Grandpa's

Seriously, people are there not enough Phish heads having kids to warrant some cloying hippie baby clothing from the 90's? Why are new hippie parents seeking hippie threads for their little ones forced to revert all the way back...
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Between The Lines Artist Coloring Book For Charity By RxArt

When I wrote about artist coloring books last summer, the new RxArt compilation coloring book, Between The Lines, had been announced, but it wasn't actually ready until December. Now it's for sale to help raise money for the arts-in-hospitals...
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Peter's ABC Book By Chicago Artist Robert Amft

I swear, I can't believe this hasn't been on DT yet. Robert Amft graduated from the Art Institute in Chicago in 1940; he was from a family of commercial artists, but he also made his own art, photography, collage,...
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