July 31, 2007

P Is For Peanut: The Alphabet Illustrated By The Getty Photo Collection

Discerning richly contrasting black-and-white visual stimuli is one of the most important characteristics of early childhood sensory development. One of The Getty Museum's greatest collecting strengths is photography. When considered together, the solution is obvious: put infants to work...
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Bee List

The Bugaboo Bee has left the building. Here's a report from Joah, a dad with some foresight--and a new babywhip:I just picked up my Bee at Babystyle yesterday. It was a good thing I was on the pre-order list because...
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Vintage Soviet Pedal Cars To Vintage American Pedal Cars: We Will Crush You

Jalopnik's already got the perfect headline for this sweet collection of vintage images of Soviet-era pedal cars, so I'll just add, "You had'em on the run, Comrades!" From this angle, the Moskovich looks a bit like The People's MB...
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Dash Snow's Children

Oil industry-and-art-world scion-turned-graffiti artist Dash Snow has always done his best work with semen. As he explained last January in a New York Magazine cover story titled, "Warhol's Children" [he's the tattooed one on the right]:“I’ve always been a big...
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MOO Stickers Are As Slick As I Expected, Also Slicker

I am not a sticker person. The kid is. She's not the only one, either, as the William Randolph Hearst of the sticker industrial complex, one Mrs. Grossman of Petaluma, California, who swims every morning in an Olympic-sized pool...
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Unassisted childbirth advocate Laura Shanley and midwife Mairi Breen-Rothman will be discussing the "over-medicalization" of childbirth and the issues, advantages, and challenges of giving birth at home--and taking your requests!!--live today at 1pm EST on the Washington Post's website....
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