July 30, 2007

It's Baaack: Sled Of Death, Other Creative Playthings Goodness On eBay

There's a pile of sweet old gear on eBay at the moment, both of the Creative Playthings and Creative Way To Break Your Neck, Young Man! Playthings varieties: CREATIVE PLAYTHINGS ESKIMOS PLAYSET vintage FP little Looks complete, in nice...
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Ollie Kottke + Nintendo Mashup

Old blogger/new dad Jason answers the burning question, "iPhone, Wiimote, or newborn baby: which has the best built-in accelerometer?" [here's a hint: it's the one with the Moro Reflex plug-in installed]. Surprisingly, he doesn't make the next leap of logic:...
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Rocket Craft: Stunning Plush Rendition Of Your Car, Bike, Engine

Holy smokes, it's like Take-G, only with plush instead of wood, and your car and its engine instead of fantastical anime robots. Rocket Craft is an outfit in Sapporo who will create a plush replica of your car, precise...
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I'll Have The Plush Roast Chicken

Purple Flavor makes a fine-looking plush roast chicken. From the size of the plastic box it comes in, I expect it's life-sized. Or corner deli rotisserie-sized, anyway. The felt herbs and seasoning look a little choke-hazard-y, so you might...
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My First Braining

Frankly, I always thought it would be the bookshelves. There's a 9-foot niche in one of our living room walls, a perfect spot for some low, sleek, floating shelves to hold artbooks with a display shelf on top. So...
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