July 27, 2007

Tempest In A D-Cup: Fighting Over There Vs. Over Here Edition


Dateline: Fort Bragg, North Carolina - After a single, anonymous complaint, a mother of three who has breast-fed all her kids in the food court of an Army-owned minimall where she's worked for seven years, was told to stop because it was against military regulations.

Then someone got a freakin' clue, read the regulations which said no such thing, then read the North Carolina and federal laws [federal? really? -ed.] that guarantee a mother the right to breast feed in public, and apologized to the woman [not pictured above].

This being North Carolina, the irony of unaccountable, prudish zealots imposing their morality on someone else while soldiers are abroad fighting religious zealots seeking to impose their morality on someone else was not noted.

In other news--uh, and I use the term loosely--DT reader JJ Daddy-O asks if it's not time to find a new spokesmodel for the breastfeeding cause? And in totally unrelated other news, he continues, anyone know if Britpopper Peter Andre's wife Jordan is breastfeeding?

No idea! But I bet I can tell you where Princess Teaamii's first name came from.


Public Breast-feeding Sparks Controversy [wral.com via lactivist/uma fan lg]
Previously: Two Grandmothers' Names, Both Alike In Dignity


Please don't give up on Uma. That photo is a buoying inspiration every time you post it. And I'm a chick!

[buoyant IS a word that comes to mind. -ed.]

She makes a good case (two, actually!) for replacing Uma, but.. I'm gonna stick with Uma.

Federal law states that a woman may breastfeed on federal property.

[ah. thanks. and thanks to rep. carolyn maloney (d-ny) for making the national gallery (!) and the us capitol building (!??) safe for breastfeeding again. -ed.]

On what benighted planet could Jordan ever compete with the fragrant Uma? You cannot be serious!

{I think JJ was just blinded for a second, like a deer in the headlights. -ed.]

Those look after market to me.

no clue on how Jordan's feeding, but I have heard they're using washable nappies - specifically Motherease Organics with custom pink 'Princess' waterproof wraps...

I just can't past the fact that someone over the age of 12 chose that outfit to get married in...

"This being North Carolina..."

This being the Internet, allow me to say "GFY!", all the way from North Carolina. Comments like that are as ignorant as the people who harassed that mother.

[I grew up in North Carolina and still go home there. NASCAR was Richard Petty and Krispy Kreme was what we did for every church and boy scout fundraiser. Oh, and Jews were the other people who weren't allowed in the country club pool. So while I may be impolitic, I am not ignorant. -ed.]

Ok, here we go...
Jordan is quoted in OK! magazine as saying:
"My breasts are for one person only. No one is feeding off me. And anyway, Junior had formula and he's ok."
She is pictured across a double spread feeding her daughter from an SMA-branded bottle, and mentions the convenience of ready-sterilised disposable bottles and teats.
The article is followed by a full-page advertisement for SMA Progress follow-on milk. (Advertising of infant formula for babies under 6 months is illegal in the UK but no such restrictions exist regarding formula for older children.)

Please draw your own conclusions.

Meanwhile, here's another breastfeeding celeb to add to your collection - Eva Herzigova....

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